Three rules about goods delivery by Nhat Tin Logistics that you should know

Relating to the delivery service, Nhat Tin Logistics follows the government’s strict guidelines regarding logistics activities. To ensure the delivery process is quick and secured, the sender needs to understand the prohibited items according to Nhat Tin’s delivery policy. This information also applies to all individuals, organizations and businesses using and providing delivery service.

Banned items for delivery under all circumstances

These are the items banned by the government from any shipping activities by logistics companies, domestically and internationally. These prohibited items, according to the government’s regulations, include:

  • Goods controlled and licensed by the government, such as live organism
  • Stimulants, drugs and other addictive substances
  • Weapons, ammunition, military-technical equipment
  • Depraving goods, publications, documents aimed at sabotaging the government
  • Any hazardous items such as radioactive materials, explosives that can cause harm to the human body, the environment
  • Precious metals such as gold and silver

Restricted goods for air and sea delivery

These two types of delivery are strictly regulated and restricted goods types since many goods can cause hazards during the delivery process that the company is unable to control.

Most airlines often restrict or strictly regulate liquid items and flammable items for delivery on an airplane, such as liquid-based cosmetics, batteries, lighters, and powdered items. These goods are extremely hazardous for the aircraft and the passengers when taking off. However, depending on how dangerous the item is, the customs might reconsider.

On the other hand, sea freight also restricts several goods that affect the environment like coal, unidentified powdered. For example, coal delivery in the hot season is often rejected by delivery companies due to flammable material.

Conditionally transported goods must comply with the Law.

Conditionally transported goods

Regarding conditionally transported goods, you need to provide complete documents, papers, clear origins before delivering. Goods delivery for business purposes requires tax certificates and other valid documents according to the provisions of the Law

Goods relating to science purposes, insects, fragile items need to be packaged according to standard regulation to avoid damage or pollution. High-value cargo that exceeds 10,000 USD needs to be reported to the staff employee when shipping goods for reassessment before confirming delivery.

For more information regarding delivery services, North-South deliveries by Nhat Tin, customers can call the Hotline 1900 63 6688 or come directly to one of Nhat Tin’s post offices to be quickly and accurately consulted.

The classification of dangerous goods according to the provision of the Law