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1.1 Welcome to ntlogistics.vn (including website https://ntlogistics.vn/ and mobile application NTL) operated by NHAT TIN DEVELOPMENT TRADING INVESTMENT JOINT STOCK COMPANY (collectively "NTL") seriously fulfills its responsibilities related to information security in accordance with the provisions of the protection of personal information confidentiality of Vietnamese law ("Privacy Law") and commitment to respect the privacy and interest of all users of Nhat Tin Logistics ("Platform") platforms (we collectively call the Platforms and the services we provide as described in the Platform our platform is the "Services") We recognize the importance of the personal data you have entrusted to us and believe we have the Responsibility for managing, protecting and handling your personal data appropriately, this privacy policy ("Privacy Policy" or "Policy") is designed to help you understand how they are I collect, use, disclose and/or process personal data that you have provided to us and/or stored about you, whether currently or in the future, as well as to help you put Make informed decisions before providing us with any of your personal data.

1.2. "Personal Data" or "personal data" means data that, whether true or not, about an individual through which can be identified, or from such data and other information. which an organization has or has access to. Common examples of personal data may include name, identity card number, and contact information.

1.3 By using the Services, registering an account with us, or accessing the Platform, you confirm and agree that you accept the methods, requirements, and/or policies described in the Policy. this privacy statement, and hereby agree to allow us to collect, use, disclose, and/or process your personal data as described herein. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO ALLOW THE PROCESS OF YOUR PERSONAL DATA AS DESCRIBED IN THIS POLICY, PLEASE DO NOT USE OUR SERVICES OR ACCESS TO OUR PLACES OR WEBSITE. If we change our Privacy Policy, we will post those changes or the revised Privacy Policy on our Platform. We reserve the right to amend or supplement this Privacy Policy at any time.

2.1. We will/ may collect your personal data:   

a. when you access and/or use our Services or platform, or create an account with us;

b. when you send out any templates, including but not limited to, a registration form or other templates that relate to any products or services provided by us, either online or under any other method;

c. when any agreement is signed or other information or materials provision related to the interaction between you and us, or when you use our products and service;  

d. when you contact us, such as through a telephone call (recorded maybe), mail, fax, direct meeting, a social communication application, and email;

e.      when you use our e-service or interact with us via our SERVICES. This may include, but not limited to, via “cookies” that processed while you access our Platform or our Website;  

f.         when you proceed transactions through our Service;

g.        when you provide feedback or give a complaint to us;

h.        when you sign up for competition;

i.         When you provide your personal data to us for any reason.

The items mentioned above are just common cases – which do not reflect all circumstances that we collect your personal data.

3.1.    Personal data that Nhat Tin may collect including, but not limited to:

a.    Full name

b.    email address

c.     date of birth

d.    billing address

e.    Bank account and payment information

f.     Phone number

g.    Gender

h.    Information submitted by or related to the device (s) used to access our Services or Platform.

j.     any other information about the user when he or she logs in to use our Services or Platforms, and when the user uses the Services or Platform, as well as information about how the user access our products or platforms, and;

j.       Aggregate data on the content that the User has used.

3.2.    You agree not to provide us with any inaccurate or misleading information and you agree to notify us of any inaccurate information or adjustment. We reserve the right at our sole discretion to request other necessary documents to verify the information provided by you.

3.3.    If you log in to become a User of our Platforms under your social network account ("Social Network Account"), link your account to your Social Network Account or using any of Nhat Tin Logistics's social networking features, we have the right to access your information which was voluntarily provided to your Social Network Accounts service provider in accordance with the policy of these service providers, and we will manage and use your personal data in accordance with the provisions of this Policy from time to time.

3.4.   If you do not wish us to collect the aforementioned personal information/data, you may detect it at any time by giving written notice to our Data Protection Officer. You may find more information about the content in the "How to withdraw permission to remove names, access request to or modify the information you have provided us?" down here. However, please note that any refusal or cancellation of our permission to collect, use, or process your personal data may affect your use of the Services and the Platform. For example, location identification services will not work if you do not allow any application to access your location.

 4.1 Like most websites and other mobile applications, your device sends information that may include your data, recorded by a web server when you use our Platform. This information usually includes but is not limited to the IP address, computer / mobile device operating system, browser type, mobile device type, mobile device characteristics, device identifier unified (UDID) or mobile device identifier (MEID) of your mobile device, the reference address of the Website (if applicable), the pages or application that you have visited as well as visited times and sometimes "cookies" (which can be disabled using your browser preferences) to help the website remember your last visit. If you are logged in, this information is associated with your personal account. This information is also included in anonymous statistics to help us understand how visitors use our website.

4.2 Our mobile applications can collect accurate information about the address of your mobile device using technologies such as GPS, Wi-Fi, etc. We collect, use, publish and/or process this information for one or more purposes including, but not limited to, the services provided based on the location you request or transfer Content that is relevant to you based on your location or allows you to share your location to other Users as part of the Services provided by our mobile applications. For most mobile devices, you can revoke permission for us to collect this information based on your location through device settings. If you have questions about how to disable location services on your mobile device, please contact your mobile service provider or device manufacturer.

 5.1 We may sometimes use "cookies" or other features to enable us or third parties to collect or share information that will help us improve our Platform and the Services or help us launch new services and features. "Cookies" are identifiers code we send to your computer or mobile device, which allows us to identify your computer or device and tell us when Services or Platforms are used or access, by how many people and to follow activities in our Platforms. We may associate cookie information with personal data. Cookies also link to information about what you have chosen for the shopping pages you have viewed or the games you have played. This information is used to tracking your shopping carts. Cookies are also used to deliver content based on your interest and to track the use of the Services.

5.2 You can refuse the use of cookies by selecting the appropriate settings on your browser. However, please note that if you do this you may not be able to use the full functionality of our Platforms or Services.

Because when you view pages on our website or mobile app as well as contents and ads and access other software on our Platform or through the Services, most of the similar information will be sent to us (including, but not limited to, IP address, operating system, etc.); but, instead of page views, your device sends us information about the content, advertisements viewed and/or software installed on the Services and Platforms and times.

7.1 We may collect, use, disclose, and/or process your personal data for one or more of the following purposes.

a. to review and/or process your registration/transaction with us or your transaction or correspondence with third parties through the Services;

b.  to manage, operate, provide and/or manage your use and/or access of our Services and Platforms (including without limitation, your interests), as well as your relationship and user account with us;

c.   to respond, process, resolve or complete a transaction and/or meet your requirements for certain products and services and notify you of any service issues and unusual activities;

d.   to enforce our Terms of Service or any applicable end user license agreements;

e.     to protect personal safety and rights, property or safety of others;

f.     for identification and/or verification;

g.    to maintain and manage any software updates and/or other updates and support that may be required occasionally to ensure our Services run smoothly;

h.     to resolve or facilitate customer service, carry out your order, deal with or respond to any inquiries submitted by (or to be sent by) you or on your behalf;

i.   to contact you or via phone, text message, and/or fax message, email, and/or mail or others for the purpose of administering and/or managing your relationship with us. or your use of our Services, such as but not limited to communicating administrative information to you in connection with our Services. You acknowledge and agree that such communications may  be sent by mail, documents or notices to you, which may include disclosing certain personal data about you to provide such documents as on the packaging/envelope;

j.  to notify you when another user has sent you a private message or posted a comment for you on the platform;

k. to conduct research, analysis and development activities (including, but not limited to, data analysis, surveys, development and/or characterization of products and services), for analysis how you use our Services, to improve our Services or products and/or to improve your customer experience;

l.    to allow advertising and other inspections and surveys, among other activities, to validate the size and composition of respondents, and to understand their experience with Nhat Tin Logistics Services;

m.  For marketing purposes, in this case, to send you through various communications method, marketing information, and materials related to products and/or services (including, but not limited to, third-party products and/or services that Nhat Tin Logistics may cooperate with or associate) may sell, market or promote, whether such products or services exist. now or create in the future. You may unsubscribe from marketing communications at any time by using the unsubscribe function in electronic marketing materials. We may use your contact information to send newsletters from us or from our related companies;

n.  to meet legal procedures or to comply with or in accordance with applicable laws, and the requirements of the competent state authority;

o.  to create statistics and research that meets reporting requirements and/or maintains internal or statutory records;

p.  to carry out due diligence or other screening activities (including, but not limited to, background checks) in compliance with legal or regulatory obligations or auditing procedures. control our risk, may be required by law or may be applied by us;

q.   To check our Services or the operation of Nhat Tin Logistics;

r.  to prevent or investigate any fraud, unlawful, omission or misconduct, whether in connection with your use of our Services or any issues that born of your relationship with us, and whether or not you have doubts about the above activities;

s.   to store, set up servers, back up (whether for disaster recovery purposes or other purposes) for your personal data;

t.   to process and/or facilitate a business asset transaction or a potential business asset transaction, where such transaction relates to Nhat Tin Logistics as a participant or only relates to a Nhat Tin Logistics's company or associate as a party to or related to Nhat Tin Logistics and/or anyone or more Nhat Tin Logistics's companies or affiliates such as the party (s), and there may be other third party organizations involved in such transactions. "Business assets transaction" means transactions of purchase, sale, lease, merger, consolidation, or any acquisition, liquidation, or sponsorship of an organization or part of an organization or of any business activities or assets of an organization; and / our.   

u. any purpose we notify you at the time of obtaining your permission. (generally called “Purposes”)

7.2 Because the Purposes we will / may collect, use, disclose, or process your personal data depend on existing circumstances, that purpose may not appear above. However, we will notify you of that other purpose at the time of obtaining your permission, unless the processing of applicable data without your consent is permitted in accordance with the laws on protecting the privacy of personal information or as required by law.

We implement various security measures to ensure the security of your personal data on our systems. User personal data is stored behind secured networks and can only be accessed by certain employees who have special access rights to our systems. We will maintain personal data in accordance with the laws governing the protection of personal information and/or other applicable laws. That is, we will destroy or remove identifiable information from your personal data when we have reasonable reason to determine that (i) that retention of such personal data no longer serves the item. that purpose of collecting personal data as well; (ii) retention is no longer necessary for any legal or business purpose and (iii) there are no other legitimate interests to continue storing such personal data. If you stop using our Platform, or your right to use the Platform and/or Services is terminated, we may continue to save, use, and/or disclose your personal data. You abide by this Privacy Policy and our obligations in accordance with the laws on protecting the privacy of personal information. Depending on the law, we may securely destroy your personal data without prior notice to you.

9.1  In the course of conducting our business, we will / may need to disclose your personal data to third-party service providers, agents, and/or affiliates or companies. related parties, and/or other third parties, for one or more of the above-stated Purposes. Such third-party service providers, agents and/or affiliates or related companies and/or other third parties will process your personal data or on our behalf or other, for one or more of the above-stated Purposes. Such third parties include, but are not limited to:

a.    Our subsidiaries, associates and related companies;

b.  contractors, agents, service providers, and other third parties we hire to support or complement our business. These include, but are not limited to, those who provide administrative or other services to us such as postal companies, telecommunications companies, information technology companies, organizations e-commerce operations, and data centers;

c.   Customer or other successors in case of merger, divestment, restructuring, reorganization, dissolution or sale or transfer of part or all of Nhat Tin Logistics's assets, even if it is an ongoing issue or is in bankruptcy, liquidation or similar procedures, in which Nhat Tin Logistics personal data held about our users resides in the transferred assets; or to a partner in a business asset transaction that Nhat Tin Logistics or any of its associated or related companies are involved in the transaction; and

d.   Third parties to whom we disclose information for one of the Purposes and such third parties will otherwise collect and process your personal data for one or more Purpose.

9.2 This may require, besides others, the sharing of statistical and demographic information about the User and the use of the Services by the user with advertising and programming service partners. We will also share statistical and demographic information about our users and their use of the Services with advertising and programming providers. This will not include any information that can be used to identify you or disclose personal information about you.

9.3 In order to avoid any doubt, in the circumstances that the laws governing the protection of personal information or other applicable laws permit an organization like us to collect, use or disclose data without your permission, such allowance of regulation will continue to apply.

9.4 Third parties may block or illegally access personal data submitted to or contained on the site, technologies that may not function correctly or not as intended, or someone may access them. , encroach or misuse of information that is not our fault. However, we will implement reasonable security measures to protect your personal data in accordance with the provisions of the law on protecting the privacy of personal information; though, absolute security such as, but not limited to, cannot be guaranteed when unauthorized disclosure arises from hacker activity due to malicious intent or complexity of malicious content is not caused by our fault.

These Services are not for children under 10 years of age. We do not knowingly collect or store any personal data or non-personally identifiable information of anyone under 10 years old, any part of our Platform, or other Services. For children under 10 years old. We will lock down any accounts that are only used by such children and will remove and/or delete any personal data we deem sent by any child under 10 years old.

11.1. Our platform uses Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google, Inc. ("Google"). Google Analytics uses cookies, which are text files placed on your device, to help Platform analyze how users use our Platform. The information generated by the cookie about your use of the Platform (including your IP address) will be sent to and stored by Google on servers in the United States. Google will use this information to evaluate your use of our Platform, compile reports of website activity for website operators, and provide other services related to website activity. and Internet usage. Google may also send this information to third parties where this is required by law, or where such third parties process the information on Google's behalf. Google will not associate your IP address with any other data held by Google.

11.2  We, and third parties, may from time to time provide software application downloads for your use by the Platform or through the Services. These applications are individually accessible, and allow a third party to view, your identity information, such as your name, your user ID, your device's IP Address or other information. such as the game you are playing during any particular session, and any cookies you may have previously installed or have been installed for you by a software application or a third party website. In addition, these applications may require you to provide additional information directly to third parties. Third-party products or services provided through these applications are not owned or controlled by Nhat Tin Logistics. You should read the terms and other policies published by those third parties on their websites or elsewhere.

12.1 WE DO NOT GUARANTEE THE SECURITY OF PERSONAL DATA AND / OR OTHER INFORMATION THAT YOU PROVIDE ON THIRD PARTY SITES. We take various security measures to maintain the safety of your personal data that we store or control. Your personal data is stored under secured networks and can only be accessed by a limited number of individuals who have special access rights to our systems, and are required to keep it confidential. When you request an order or access your personal data, we recommend you using a secure server. All personal data or personal information you provided will be encrypted into our databases to be accessed only as described above.

12.2 In order to provide you with added value, we may choose different third-party websites or applications or services to link to, and frame within, the Platform. We may also enter into marketing cooperation and other relationships to provide eCommerce services and other services and features to our visitors. These linked sites have their own privacy policies as well as separate and independent privacy measures. Even if such a third-party is affiliated with us, we have no control over these linked websites/apps/services, each of which has their own privacy and data collection practices in place separately and independently. Data collected by our co-marketing partners or third-party websites/applications/services (even when provided on or through our Platform) may not be available for approaching and/or filing by us.

12.3 We, therefore, have no responsibility or liability for the content, security measures (or lack of security measures), and activities of these linked websites/applications/services. These linked websites/applications/services are for your convenience only and therefore you are solely responsible for accessing them. However, we seek to protect the integrity of our Platform and the links that are placed on each of these websites and therefore we welcome feedback about these linked sites (including, but not limited to, if a particular site doesn't work).

Withdraw the acceptance

13.1  You may withdraw your acceptance for us to collect, use, and/or disclosure of your personal data that we hold or control by sending an email to our Data Protection Officer at email address: nhattin@ntlogistics.vn.

13.2 However, your withdrawal of consent may mean that we will not be able to continue providing the Services to you, and we may need to terminate your current relationship and/or contract with us. - Access request or edit personal data.

13.3  If you have registered an account with us, you may personally access and/or correct your personal data we hold or control through the Account Settings page or the Label on the Platform. If you have not registered an account with us, you may personally request to access and/or correct your personal data we hold or control by submitting a written request to us. We will need sufficient information from you to identify your identity as well as the nature of your request in order to address your request. Therefore, please send your written request by emailing our Data Control staff at nhattin@ntlogistics.vn.

13.4  We may charge you a reasonable fee to handle and process your request to access your personal data. If we charge, we will give you a written estimate of the fee. Please note that we are not required to respond to or resolve your access request unless you have agreed to pay a fee.

13.5  We may charge you a reasonable fee to handle and process your request to access your personal data. If we charge, we will give you a written estimate of the fee. Please note that we are not required to respond to or resolve your access request unless you have agreed to pay a fee...

If you have any questions or complaints about our privacy practices, please contact us at nhattin@ntlogistics.vn.

HOTLINE: 1900 63 6688

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