Headquarter: 18A Cong Hoa Street, Ward 12, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City Working hours: 7:00 - 20:00

- I never say “No”
- I never give up, and I always stay committed to the result in a specific timeframe

At Nhat Tin, we use the word “Passionate” to express our desire, enthusiasm, passion, and commitment in everything that we do, just like the Army’s spirit going into battles. Sometimes, even our own family thinks we are crazy or too ambitious but that is what drives us to grow every day.

We are passionate in building a culture of ownership in which every individual is a leader of Nhat Tin who truly care for the now and the future successful outcomes.

Together, we can reinvent our personal visions and the company’s vision in a way that both link to each other. From the context of being in the future, we are trusted partners for each other. As a result, we act as if the future’s outcomes are already in existence now. If anyone fails to embody this core value after many rounds of being inspired, that individual may not belong to our team. When one of us goes to battle, we go all in for them with our supports and encouragement as we know that is what makes us stronger. At Nhat Tin, we directly and honestly communicate with integrity, not holding anything back. That is the pathway for success and fulfillment.

Of course, there will always be moments that some of our team members choose different ways, and breakdowns happen on the journey toward our vision. Those moments will happen inevitably and we anticipate them. In those circumstances, we had better work harder, and battle stronger. Sometimes, a teammate might stumble and fall behind. That is when the rest of the team is right by his/her side to support them getting back on track so that no one will ever be left behind. We are all moving forward together as one high performance team.

At Nhat Tin, regardless of an individual’s achievement or a branch office’s performance in the past, no one will be placed above the team and the company. We all contribute as one and we win as one. We deeply believe that when we win as a team, the reward is more worthwhile, and the victory is more meaningful for all of us.

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