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- I honor my words
- I talk with measurable facts, not with interpretation

Nhat Tin’s working environment is decentralized. “I honor my words” means being compliant with standard procedures despite of obstacles or challenges, with or without supervision. Acting and being integrity creates a culture of trust, which is an essential foundation for all individual relationship with one another. Nhat Tin cannot grow without people who honor their words. Being integrity differentiates us from other organizations, by which no one else can replicate.

At Nhat Tin, Integrity means honoring our words, keeping our promises and commitments to customers, colleagues, and the company. We do what we say and we do it in a timely manner. We have the courage to speak up when something is not right. We say no with deception, frauds, exploitation, or deceit to our customers, colleagues, and the company. We serve our customers with friendliness and enthusiasm. We strive for their satisfaction and happiness. We take care of each package as if we deliver it to our closed relatives – those who believe in us and expect their high-valued shipments being taken care with full caution and being delivered as fast as possible, with friendliness and enthusiasm.

To ensure that we are all on the same page, we communicate to each other with measurable facts in a specific timeframe, and with specific person. Communications with measurable facts also help minimize the use of vague adjectives. With measurable facts-based language, we build a culture of clarity, allowing us to quickly resolve issues and take on new opportunities.

Psychologically, we tend to lean on stories and interpretations to escape from responsibility, to blame others, or to make up excuses. That should be avoided at all costs as we cannot make right decisions if we, intentionally or not, fail to identify facts from stories. A fabricated story is used to hide the real cause of one’s shortcomings. We identify facts, think and propose next steps as solutions, rather than struggling and stressing about a problem. In other words, an empowering conversation simply starts with facts and leaves out interpretations.

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