Nhat Tin Logistics launches its 20,000sq.m sorting and classifying centre

This is the largest sorting and classifying centre and the second place to receive and store goods of Nhat Tin in the north.

Van Giang warehouse centre is full of modern equipment

The Van Giang sorting and classifying centre, also called Van Giang warehouse centre, is built with a total of over 100 export-import gates, supporting over 100 different means of transport at the same time. Amongst these 100 gates, 16 doors are designed for container trucks of 27-30 tonnes and 15 tonnes, while the rest can be trucks of eight tonnes or less.

With a strategic vision, the Van Giang warehouse centre has been equipped with all modern equipment. After nearly a year of construction and trial operation, Nhat Tin Logistics officially put the warehouse into operation with a capacity of handling up to 24,000 tonnes of goods at the same time.

The warehouse is equipped with eight modern forklifts and electric trolleys to load and unload goods, as well as deliver them to predetermined positions to be shipped out to provinces nationwide. The use of electric vehicles does not only speed up handling time but also protects the environment, reduces noise, and creates a green working environment.

In addition, Nhat Tin Logistics also uses iron cages that can hold from 100 to 200 orders, ensuring goods are stowed, not broken or damaged while travelling long distances. Compared to the previous wooden crates, the application of iron cages is an optimal alternative and will be provided completely free of charge to customers.

Moreover, the facility comes with a CCTV system of 300 surveillance cameras installed inside and outside. Fire protection system in accordance with regulations and state regulations.

Goods are neatly arranged at Van Giang warehouse centre

Outstanding with a prime location at Km6, National Highway 379 (Tan Tien commune), the Van Giang warehouse centre connecting conveniently and easily to the north-south axis, and cities and provinces such as Hanoi, Haiphong, Hung Yen, and Bac Ninh, facilitating the fast transportation and processing of goods.

“Previously, the goods delivery had many difficulties moving from cities and provinces in the north to Ngoc Hoi warehouse, because trucks had to pass through crowded roads in Hanoi, especially during peak hours, greatly affecting the commitment time,” Vu Quoc Thai, chief operations officer at Nhat Tin Logistics. “With Van Giang warehouse centre, trucks no longer have to cut through the central areas of Hanoi. Goods arriving from or going to other provinces are processed 3-6 hours faster than before,” he added.

The Van Giang sorting and classifying centre has a wide area up to 20,000sq.m

From the beginning, this warehouse project was conceptualised by Nhat Tin Logistics. It followed the standards of a sorting and classifying centre to ensure goods are processed scientifically and quickly, consistent with warehouses in the logistics industry, and the needs of e-commerce.

“Instead of choosing an existing warehouse, we were determined to find a place that gathers all the best factors to not only serve customers better, faster but be able to expand to serve new groups of customers proactively in the future.

Although the construction cost would be much higher, we still decide to make a long-term investment, realizing the mission “More than a service” that we have set,” Nguyen Van Tu, general director of Nhat Tin Logistics shared.

By Truc Anh (vir.com.vn)