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Respect my words.
Talking in quantification fact, not just telling the story

Nhat Tin Logistics’ working environment is decentralized. “We respect our words” means that we comply and follow procedures even when we face complications, we always do the right thing, even when no one is overlooking or supervising us. We personally act within integrity to create trust in the workplace, which is the foundation for all successful working relationships. Nhat Tin Logistics. Nhat Tin Logistics cannot be successful if we do not respect our words. This principle will set us apart as unique from other organizations and not be easily imitated.

Integrity at Nhat Tin Logistics means we respect our words and keep our promises and commitments to all customers, colleagues, as well as the company. We do what we say we will and we do it on time. We have the courage to speak up when something is not right. We refuse to be deceptive, fraudulent, or deceitful to our customers, our company, or our colleagues. We serve our customers with friendliness and enthusiasm, We strive for our customers to be satisfied with every service that is carried out by our company. We treat our customers like our own family members who trust us to deliver valuable goods with care as timely as possible, and with friendliness and enthusiasm.

To ensure that we are not misunderstood, or to take into account that each person’s interpretation may be different, we provide greater objectivity by utilizing quantitative language and authentic content rather than providing data that is descriptive. Our systematic approach transforms what is collected or observed in numerical data. By providing specific numbers and at specific times, we become a reliable resource that offers confidence and more accurate results. Utilizing quantitative language and data that can be expressed in numbers also reduces the need for gratifying or superficial adjectives. It also helps to create a culture with clear and subjective dialogue thus allowing us to troubleshoot issues and seize opportunities more quickly.

In the context of psychology, we should not misrepresent any encounters of problems, nor seek to justify, blame, or shirk responsibility. We cannot make good business decisions in situations where we cannot deliberately discuss and distinguish between reality and narrative. A fabricated explanation realistically only hides when performance is less effective than we are suited to achieve. We realize that it is more practical to report reliable data and to allocate our time to taking action and implementing solutions to issues. In other words, trustworthy and genuine dialogue promotes powerful authentic reporting.

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