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Never say "No"
Never give up, and always achieve an outcome at a specific time

At Nhat Tin Logistics, we use the phrase “Passionate” to mimic the Army’s cry to battle and to express our desire, enthusiasm, and passionate commitment to the company. Sometimes, our own family members and relatives fell uncomfortable because of our impassioned ambition, but that is what drives us to grow every day.

We are always passionate about building a culture of ownership as if we are the owners and leaders of this company who truly care ad have an important connection to the company’s success today, as well as all long-term prospects for success in the future.

Together we build the future for the company and for ourselves. We know that future accomplishments can be realized from that context that we are committed partners and have a stake in the attainment of successful outcomes. For those who do not embody this vision, we will argue that opposition to the end as we realize that it does not belong in our culture. When members of our team who actively engage together, we wholeheartedly encourage collaboration, because we know that when any of us fight, the team as a whole will become stronger. Being Nhat Tin, we respond in a straight and uncompromising righteous manner. This undoubtedly leads us to victory and success.

Naturally, there will be times when one of our team member’s goals does not align with our own, which can affect our overall performance. It will certainly happen, even if we anticipate it. When this happens, we will have to try harder to make up for this instance. Sometimes when a team member falls behind, the rest of the team members will sacrifice more to pull them up, to ensure no one is left behind. Our vision is to be a successful, productive, and High Performance Team.

Nhat Tin Logistics is filled with individuals who are committed and passionate about the company’s goals. These individuals have been successful in the past and undoubtedly will continue to be successful in the future. However, there is nothing more powerful or important than the work accomplished for the company as a team. When we win as a team, the rewards are greater and the victory is sweeter and more meaningful to all of us.

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