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1Q: Will the shipment be delivered earlier if I pay an extra fee?

A: Nhat Tin operates through a management system and standard procedures, so orders will be processed and delivered according to Nhat Tin's commitments. The handling of exception orders will greatly affect other customers. Please inform the recipient about the estimated arrival time to arrange for receiving goods/parcels

A: You can track your shipment directly on the website at the following link https://ntlogistics.vn/tra-van-don.html

A: We trust that only you know your goods/products very well. Packaging before you handover to Nhat Tin will ensure your goods/products safe from collision and impact from other cargoes during normal transportation. Moreover, for any fragile goods or awkward size and shape, please notify our staff for special handling.

A: You can go directly to the drop-off post to have the payment method adjusted and pay the bills directly.

A: Nhat Tin Logistics offer delivery and cash collection (COD - cash on delivery) service towards all order requested, you will only need to note on AWB, our staff will collect the mentioned amount of payment from recipients.

A: Yes, Nhat Tin Logistics offer door-to-door service, you may contact our call center or NTL posts nearby for details. In order to support Customers as much as possible, NTL is now offering COD Collection Fee for free for orders delivered to major cities of provinces and COD amount less than 5.000.000 VND

A: Service charge depends on dimension, the weight of goods, and delivery time, customers' choices will vary by a different range of prices. You may visit and check our price for reference at https://ntlogistics.vn/tra-cuoc.html.

A: You can contact Nhat Tin's call center directly and provide information, our sales team will directly work with you for signing a service agreement.

A: Nhat Tin Logistics has offices in most major provinces and cities, you can access the list of our posts at the following link: https://ntlogistics.vn/danh-sach-buu-cuc.html, choose your area to find the nearest office.

A: To change the recipient's information (telephone, name, or address), please contact our call center for assistance. Information amendment may cause delay delivery from 1-3 working days than commitment (depending on changes).

A: Currently, online booking tools are in the process, which leads to technical matters, you can contact directly to our call center and provide bill number created on the system, the operator will assign our staff to pick up your shipment.

A: Once the goods have arrived, you can pick up and follow the steps below:
Step 1: Check the location of the order by visiting the link on the website https://ntlogistics.vn/tra-van-don.html,
Step 2: Find the address of the order location at https://ntlogistics.vn/danh-sach-buu-cuc.html,
Step 3: Bring your identity card to the above address to receive the goods.

A: You may access our service as following:
Option 1: access link: https://online.ntlogistics.vn/auth/login to create an account and bill online on our system. Our staff will receive your order and pick up goods.
Option 2: Contact hotline directly at 1900636688, provide goods information, address,...call center will quote, and assign our staff to pick up your goods/shipment.

A: NTL provides major service: Premium service, Express delivery, MES, Trucking, and International (currently we only serve the outbound segment). Moreover, we offer other added value such as COD, FLT, Warehousing, Document return to senders... You can access the link for price at: https://ntlogistics.vn/tra-cuoc.html.

A: You can contact our call center, provide the phone number of the sender and the recipient, the operator will check and inform the status of your shipment.

A: If you see the status ".......warehouse check out" means your shipment is released from that warehouse to another defined in transportation schedule. If the status said "warehouse check out" at destination location that means your shipment is ready for delivery to the recipient.

A: Nhat Tin Logistics provides international courier service. The price will depend on the destination address and weight of the shipment. You may contact our call center for more details.

A: For customers registered payment via your specified bank account, you will receive the money within 24 hours since the shipment delivered successfully. For customers who did not, Customers may contact the drop-off post office, you will receive the money within 1 - 2 days since the shipment delivered successfully. For other information, please contact our hotline: 1900646688 for assistance.

A: Regarding high-value goods, the risk may be incurred during the transportation, therefore, NTL suggests a few insurance levels depending on goods' value. This kind of insurance is optional choices for customers.

A: Nhat Tin currently does not offer transportation services to transport such types of goods. For such dried food, processed foods packaged in accordance with standards or without special preservation, Nhat Tin do provide delivery service according to the available packages.

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